1. For what we cannot achieve on our own, we need to unite with others. The Vinschgau Social Cooperative (VISO) was founded on 11th July 2013, based on the principle of solidarity and reciprocity. Our aim is to support the introduction of socially disadvantaged persons into the labour market and assist in their welfare. With over 30 male and female staff members, the Vinschgau Social cooperative (Viso) works to open the doors to a significant number of jobs to handicapped and other socially disadvantaged persons.


We firmly believe that everyone deserves to work and live in a self-reliant and dignified manner. Everyone has the right to attain their own economic security, regardless of individual capabilities, gender or background. We work to support and integrate socially marginalised persons, such as the handicapped.

The social cooperative is the legal entity under which we operate. Our aim is to create decent jobs for the socially disadvantaged, enabling such persons to lead happy and fulfilling lives. We believe in a socially responsible economy as well as in the principles of sharing and solidarity. Social equality in the workplace is essential for the expression of personal individuality and also strengthens the wider community. We strongly believe that mutual respect and freedom are inalienable human rights in our society.


We create socially equitable job opportunities with our various partners, institutions and organizations in the Vinschgau Valley. The kinds of jobs selected depend on the needs and capabilities of our partners. We defend equal opportunities, the rights of the individual and social inclusion, with work as the basis for achieving these goals. Work promotes self-awareness, self-esteem and social integration, allowing us to independently decide how we live our lives.

We work throughout the Vinschgau Valley in South Tyrol, together with public services and local partners, to further our objectives and reach our goals. To us, regional economic activity isn’t just a theoretical construct. Working together with our local partners we are always on the lookout for new ideas and creative solutions in response to local and regional problems. In so doing, we try to improve the region in which we live.

Our ambitious social values are underpinned by accountability and consistent financial commitment. This is a fundamental requirement for achieving an inclusive society, capable of accommodating everyone.


Since 2014, the Malserhof Student Hostel has been administered by the Vinschgau Social Cooperative on behalf of the Auxiliary Student Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. This has mainly involved housing students of the Higher Sports Institute of Mals. In the gastronomic field, we offer a series of permanent services ranging from canteen operation to tourism, especially during the summer months. We run cleaning indoor and outdoor services as well as the planting and maintenance of green areas.

Job Creation
Promoting Individuality
Strengthening the Community

Our partners

Untie the old knots and forge new connections

This proverb not only guides us but it also describes what we do.

We are a young and dynamic collective, constantly striving to innovate and introducing new ways of doing things in the Vinschgau, both at the individual and social level. Looking back at what has been achieved thus far, we have come a long way thanks to our cooperation with various partners as well as through networking.

Our partners and members of our network include the Vinschgau District Municipality and other local municipalities, the Department of Social Services, the Vinschgau Vocational Centre, the Training and Regional Development Cooperative and the Spondinig Institute of Secondary Education in Mals.

We receive support, funding and subsidies from the Office of Development and Cooperation, the Department of People with Disabilities and the Auxiliary Student Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

Our Location

Administrative address:
Vinschgau Social Cooperative (VISO)
Bahnhof Spondinig Nr. 3
39026 Prad am Stilfserjoch

Physical Address:
Malserhof Student Hall
Bahnhofstrasse 39
39024 Mals

Email: info@vi-so.org
Landline: +39 0473 83 15 51
Cell: +39 333 560 88 76

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